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Lost & Found Pets & THE "FIDO" BAG 


To date, we've managed to reunite numerous pets with their owners!!!

If you've lost OR found a pet in the Tusayan area, you can call TFD during business hours of 8 am to 5 pm at 638-FIRE or 1-(928) 638-FIRE. We can help by posting the information on Facebook. We recommend that you also send us a message on Facebook so we can post the information online. 


It's important to include: 

* clear photographs of the lost or found pet(s)

* location where lost or found (e.g."2 miles down the 688 road" and time of sighting)

* name of pet

* identifiers (e.g.  "red collar with one rabies tag, one white paw") 

* date lost/found

*reliable contact information (voicemail set up and not full) so we may contact you


*disposition ("she's extremely friendly, does not bite,etc)

TFD HAS A CHIP SCANNER however, we are UNABLE to keep "found" pets at the FIRE STATION. Tusayan Fire District employees will follow department procedures in handling pets brought to the station. If no owners are located within business hours, appropriate authorities will be notified of a pet brought to our station. Please reach out to both Flagstaff Humane Society and local animal control divisions to see if they have taken care and possession of your lost pet. We understand, that your pets are family and TFD will have attempted to follow all appropriate channels in hopes to reunite the animal with you. 

We also recommend calling the Xanterra Kennels (Xanterra operator is 928.638.2631)

ask for the kennels. The kennel staff often have flyers on their bulletin board for lost/found animals. The Coconino County Animal Management office can be reached at 928.679.8756.

You can also post the same information on the " Grand Canyon Garage Yardsale " Facebook group. If you had a notice on our Facebook page and you've recovered your lost pet, please let TFD know so we can update the posting online!


If you've lost a pet, Please call TFD during 8-5 business hours at  928-638-FIRE or 1-(928) 638-3473

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